About Us

The idea of SECO Instant Food.

  • The idea for SECO Instant Food was born when we both Priyank and Harsh were living in hostels away from home and eating sub-par food.
  • Despite being decent cooks ourselves we could not find the time and often faced the lack of resources in terms of cooking space, utensils and groceries.
  • We know that we are not the only urban professionals who face these issues. This drove us to create something easy to make and yet fresh and tasty.


  • Our journey started in the city of Surat. Where food is everything and everything is food.
  • Being born and brought up Suraties, we were exposed to great food from a very young age.
  • Being childhood buddies we had explored a wide variety of food even before we passed high school.
  • The tingle that our taste buds felt when we tried something new together has stayed with us. This food culture which involved equal parts friendship and food has guided us in the kind of recipes we make.
  • We are two friends turned business partners. We bring the joy and love of friendship in everything we do.
  • We drifted to two different career paths after high school but even during those years, we bonded over the woes of mess food.
  • We made it a point that whenever we are together in any city, we will eat the kind of food we had when we were younger.
  • Harsh went on to become a Food Technologist and Priyank a Mechanical Engineer.
  • So, whenever we embark on a new initiative we have Harsh bringing in the new ideas and techniques to the table and then Priyank gets down and dirty with machines for their implementation.

Our Efforts

  • We have eaten a lot of existing ready-to-eat products, you and we all know the typical taste of preservatives.
  • After trying a lot of these products one thing became clear to us that this kind of food is just for sustenance and not for the pleasure of cuisine.
  • We knew what we did not want our food to taste like. We didn’t want the bland Dal Makhni that we tasted neither did we want the over-the-top spicy Pav Bhaji that some brands are peddling as an authentic recipe.
  • We strive to create food that is easy to cook.
  • You have to add just boiled water.
  • The beauty of our technology is that the food does not have any preservatives, oil, or other harmful chemicals and yet it is as good as freshly cooked food even after months.


Integrity of the ingredients

Preserving aroma, texture, taste, and presentation of the food is paramount when we create a new dish. When our package is opened even after months it should give the person same taste as if it’s freshly made.

Reduction in Cost

We believe that making food does not have to be a chore. We want to reduce cost by eliminating the need for grocery shopping, transportation, cooking costs while providing all the benefits of home cooking.

Saving Time

In a busy life, we want to take one more task off your hands by providing food that is cooked within few minutes.And above all, we want to spread the joy of Indian cuisine without compromising on quality.